To me, the alliance between craftsmanship and innovation in techniques and materials is what excites me at the moment. It’s not about fidelity to materials. The makers that I am gathering mostly work in a hybrid fashion, and in doing so take the practice across boundaries. My inspiration collective seems to be developing towards three-dimensional pieces and is split by artisans

  • Whose Intent is to be functional and aesthetic- either products or one off designs/pieces
  • Trying to articulate work with Social & Political connotations
  • Art for arts sake- well executed pieces that serve the purpose as a thing of beauty

Hand made is not lost it has just evolved

Material is not treated as a servant to the form, yet form cannot be treated independently from materials. For me part of the joy of working with new materials has been in learning how they behave and form. It has been interesting to translate ideas in one medium to another. The product is not possible without the process.

Contemporary Textiles/Mixed Media



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