Still logos


My logo has now an added feathered friend.

A magpie- the King collector of sparklies, he seems quite suitable as an attachment for my hat.

Tomorrow I am going to embellish him with free machine embroidery, to introduce a different ellement.

When I am satisfied he will become my representative for my design work.

Who do I like this week ? 

Discovered illustrator and now author Grahame Baker-Smith, winner of the Kate Greenaway medal 2011.

Grahame Baker-Smith has won the prestigious Kate Greenaway medal with FArTHER, described by the judges as “a clever picture book with a dream-like quality. It is beautifully designed with a wealth of detail, conveying dark emotions, storms of war and weather, and a powerful sense of loss and bereavement”.

Natalie shau is another discovery.

Little-Empress-by-Natalie-ShauHer interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art  to me is reminiscent of Mark Ryden. With Languid girls who exude both a doll-like innocence and a knowing sensuality. Artist such as these two may be labelled as kitsch, and low brow; but I love their attention to detail and illustration techniques; reviving  painting as a fine art object that carries more conceptual weight than the mere words and gestures of classic conceptual art.


I need to create a simple easily traceable logo and an elaborate version that can be printed for my logo. My taste tends to lean towards baroque sensibilities and ouvert showmanship to occasional simple lines and craftsmanship.

Other Lovelies

Anna Kiper, Erin petson, Kathryn Elyse Rodgers, Caroline Andrieu, Audrey Kawasaki, Sylvia Ji and Lovisa Burfitt






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Merry Christmas Freebie

Please submit humorous reasons why you should receive a copy of any of my books, piece of art, or textile jewellery and the best will win.

Use the comment facility on the right of this blog to submit.

Ongoing until Spring.

Merry Christmas from Santa x

Creative Textile Projects For Childrencover book 2

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Loving Logos

busy trying to design a new logo for my web site, wanting something with a beautiful narrative. Love the whole femme fatale look, an illustrated face as a starting point?

So I have spent ages following the paths of illustrators, getting lost among blogs and visuals. Been a bit like letting go in a giant ball pit, surrounded by colourful hair and enchanting smiles. I’ve not drawn for a while,  as I have been been concentrating on blacksmithing, so it has taken me two weeks to get stuck in. Unfortunately I then become obsessed and need the alarm call of the dogs to tell me  that I have been stuck in the same position for a couple of hours.

Treasured finds

Rown Lee  Foyster
Rown Lee Foyster

Sterling Hundley
Sterling Hundley




Jason Thielke
jason Thielke

Lori Earley




The style of illustration that was attracting me was the Mark Rydan big eyed long necked genre. Whenever I start a new project I have a haphazard way of gathering lots of ingredients and then filtering it all down until I find what cake to cook.

Really enjoying absorbing works of other artists, but after a week of sketching faces I try looking at more specific styles such as fashion illustrations. Ooh even more delights await.

The styles of the illustrators are very much like handwriting, individual and quirky with distinctive features. Styles come and go out of favour, I am looking to create a timeless narrative that represents this phase in my design journey.

Hannah Muller - realistic faces depicted in ink, with muted colours.

Kelly Thompson-
kelly thompsonuses various techniques like pencil sketches, painting and printing. While blending all this together, she achieves the mind-bending results like amazing pieces of art that feature the beautiful fragile girls.
I want the long neck, with a slightly of balance beauty. I have an idea of duplicating the face as with a pack of cards to represent being a twin. Hats or very stylised hair must also feature.

I start drawing with a nib and ink-  the freedom of such a simple tool to cross hatch, mark make and alternate  size of line with movement of hand is wonderful. I sketch face shapes, nose sizes and try different front view looks.

1940s soft sophistication

melancholy matron




haugty henrietta


cheeky cheeks





logoed lovelyI like the face with the top hat, and the wrapping of the ribbon to create my signature, but want to put colour on, mmnn

stitching into the logo might also be interesting…

I have makeup and inks handy, so experiment layering the inks over the oily makeup. I have to layer the acrylics paint on quite heavily- but am liking the textured, more realistic look.













Now time to start layering these images in photoshop, trying out stitch and different lay.


Playing with photoshop to give myself a break from updating information on fabric sampling.






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Pie…. what can I say

For my first blog on this web site, I wanted to start with a wonderful feel good topic.

Even the word pie to me conjures up connotations with comfort and home. A bit like an edible cuddle.

I’m sat o the couch watching Heston Blumenthal, eating chocolate biscuits and drinking wine.

Tonight I am not denying myself the pleasures of comfort eating and drinking.

It is winter, time to fatten up, snuggle in layers and latch down the hatches.

Even the dogs (3) have snuggled on the day bed in the kitchen, raising a head to just check that the magic black food box isn’t offering up edible goodies as I pass through to make a cup of tea.

Winter makes me tired, it even feels like a hibernation time, and since my house has no heating upstairs, I make getting dressed and undressed a magical race against time. Effects of pie and winter fattening are fleetingly ignored in the bid for heat.

Heston has now roped a Yorkshire pie making man in to create bricks made of pies. I love Heston, a pub made of pies……

Hubby I think, will go to bed happy, he is a man that likes simple good quality comforts. He will hopefully dream the dream of a virtuous pie fed boy x

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Things I like

Sculptural likes

charming baker

Janet Echelman

Anthony Gormley

Claes Oldenburg

Marc Quinn

Ron Mueck

Tara Donovan 
Employs everyday objects such as drinking straws, to create large-scale sculptures and prints that take on a life of their own. She allows the shape of the chosen material to determine the form of the piece

Simon Periton
Many of Periton’s art works refer directly to political incidents, which he creates out of cutting into doilies, approaching very different subjects, the decorative and the violent and marrying them together in different ways.

 Justin Marshall and industrial designer Lionel Theodore Dean have united to marry digital design and manufacture. They have developed software that allows a design to mutate or evolve at random.

mmm artists- narrative … always narrative

Ana Maria Pacheco

Paula Rego

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To Me

To me
The alliance between craftsmanship and innovation in techniques and materials is what excites me at the moment.

It’s not about fidelity to materials. The makers that I am gathering mostly work in a hybrid fashion, and in doing so take the practice across boundaries.

My inspiration collective seems to be developing towards three-dimensional pieces and is split by artisans

  • Whose Intent is to be functional and aesthetic- either products or one off designs/pieces
  • Trying to articulate work with Social & Political connotations
  • Art for arts sake- well executed pieces that serve the purpose as a thing of beauty
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