This book shows what children can create and achieve with no previous knowledge of textile skills and techniques. Its aim is to provide fun and a sense of achievement for the children, as well as empowering teachers/supervisors or parents by giving them the confidence to progress the projects successfully. The book can be used in conjunction with the Key Stage 1 & 2 Art & Design Curriculum to build upon expressing ideas in colour, shape and texture, while encouraging and motivating ideas development. Each project produces an artwork that can be a stand-alone creation or incorporated into larger group work projects for classrooms or public spaces. And each project teaches and then reinforces structured ways of thinking, seeing, planning and making, to give a progression of learned outcomes.

Most of the projects require fairly basic equipment; the only specialist tool needed is an electric sewing machine. Most of the materials can be found in the home; the rest can be bought relatively cheaply from art, craft or DIY shops.

The Gallery below has a selection of images from ‘Creative Textile Projects For Children’.
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About Textiles

Textiles are incredibly versatile. Since primitive humans worked out how to knot, knit, spin and weave, textiles have both clothed us and excited our senses. They can combine visual stimuli with the added bonuses of touch and smell. Their flexibility as a medium lies in their ability to fuse function and aesthetics. The ease in which they can be adapted for commercial use or individual creativity never ceases to amaze.

The term Textiles is vast, covering everything from the new generation of ‘smart’ hi-tech fibres for fashion, healthcare, sportswear and aerospace applications to individual hand-made artworks and the more traditional artisan products such as prints, weaves, knits and embroideries.

Textile art is a stimulating medium for children. Even simple projects help to develop problem-solving, visualisation, planning and coordination skills. It also encourages them to focus on creativity by encouraging them to produce individual pieces that crystallise their inspiration and imagination.

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The Author

After graduating in Textiles & Fashion, Karen Woods has been a working artist specialising in art in education and community projects. She works with all abilities and age levels, including special needs students and learners with behavioural issues.